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Do Africa brides tend to wear wedding dresses?


Do Africa brides tend to wear jessy dessy wedding dresses? In fact, there are truly few girls wearing wedding dresses in the past. According to the tradition, they usually choose batik, embroidery and other high-grade cloth to make a pretty dress, which is the traditional dress of Africa. Even the Catholic and Christian living in Africa coastal cities who has been be accustomed to getting married in a church rarely wear wedding dresses. Why? According to investigation, two reasons lead to the situation. One is that ordinary people are not willing to spend money in this respect. The other is that traditional dresses is more suitable for those whose complexion is bright than Africa girls who is dark-skinned. Vintage_Wedding_Dresses_85_1 But in recent years, fashion magazines and TV shows are more popular in Africa, making the local people began to be fond of the style of wedding dresses. And with black female models in Europe and the United States standing on the stage, showing their compatriots the unique charm of this kind of dresses, taking wedding photographs and wearing wedding dresses become a fashion among young people in many countries. Because of the limited financial resources, most Africa brides will rent wedding dresses from rental shops instead of customizing one. This kind of store which usually has a large bright window is generally located in prosperous Commercial Street. In Benin, renting a set of ordinary wedding dress charges 3000 West African francs (about 50 Yuan). What is interesting is that many Africa brides would like rent dresses in blue, pink and other colors rather than a white one. Maybe they think these colors better match their complexion. In addition, those renting dresses are mostly second hand, not specifically designed for the local people, so it looks a little inharmonious to be in it. It is worth mentioning that Africa photo studios rarely provide complete sets of service which cost too much, and it is not popular among young people. Mostly they will have photographers to take wedding photos at home, who attend the wedding as both a guest and staff. For the purpose of taking photos, the brides wear wedding dress only for a little while. Afterwards, the bride will change into beautiful Africa skirt and have fun with guests. Dance and drum are indispensable in African weddings, so it will be very awkward to wear wedding dresses. Then, what does the bride wear on the marriage certificate photos? I am in Africa for many years and I have seen only two copies of marriage certificate. Putting their one inch color mosaic together makes the photo. And what the bride wears draws no attention. In fact, in many parts of Africa, especially in rural areas, they often only pay attention to the wedding instead of marriage certificate. Many couples has not been registered even when they already have several children.